Content  Plans

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Regular content plans are for businesses to have a catalog of high-quality video marketing content which can be regularly posted to your social media channels and website every month.


The plans are customised and scaled based on clients requirements. 


for example it would be a bulk package discount, where you have an allowance of filming and editing days each year.   

1-3 Year Plans


Contracts can be extended up to 3 years.

Filming & Editing Allowance


Allocated filming and editing days throughout the year 

Up to 30% 


by using a bulk package discount. We can make the plans cheaper than our day rates because it provides us with a predictable cash flow.


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It starts with your product, your idea, your service or anything you are trying to get across to an audience.

How you tell you story can make all the diffrence to your brands image and sales. 



We use high quality camera equipment and audio 


In-house we use RED Digital Cinema cameras to capture breath taking images. and 32bit audio capture so your message is clear.



In-house we use high end post-production systems fully kitting out in the best software.


From Editing,  Motion Graphics, colour grading to Audio-postproduction 

Film Clapboard


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